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Let There Be Bands..

There’s no music like jazz music, and there is certainly no jazz music like live jazz music: walking bass lines from the mighty double bass, smooth piano improvisation, and subtle, swinging vocals that sit comfortably and modestly below the music; live jazz music most definitely has a velvety smooth sound that no other genre can match. If you happen to be in the Kent area then you are in luck because it just so happens to have a selection of some of the greatest jazz bands for fire in the UK, so whether you need some superior swing for your wedding, some background jazz for a birthday celebration, or just some smooth background music to enhance an occasion, below are just a few jazz bands in Kent that are for hire.

Tuxedo Jazz Orchestera

Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra

Perhaps one of the best jazz formations you could possibly hope to hire, the Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra is a band that can be hired to perform in anything from a two to a five-piece ensemble. The members are prominent musicians in the UK jazz scene and have graced events that range from wedding receptions to corporate functions (clients including Goldman Sachs and Suzuki). Their repertoire is extensive to say the least and is inclusive of Porter, Gershwin, Cole, Cullum,  Bublé, and a variety of pieces from the 1930s and 40s era.

Ain’t That Jazz

aint that jazz

This band is a collection of professional, young jazz musicians that bring a fresh touch to jazz songs from the past and the present. Whether you’re after some quiet background jazz to set the mood or some upbeat swing to sit in the foreground of an event, the three talented members of Ain’t That Jazz will provide you with jazz music that has already been enjoyed by high-profile clients such as John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.

The Jazz Report

Another trio that will skilfully grace pretty much any function you can think of, The Jazz Report have a an extensive repertoire and can range from a trio consisting of piano, drums, and double bass through to a quartet or quintet by adding in sax, trumpet/trombone and guitar with vocals also being an option for a events which call for them. Though the band doesn’t have a website, they are contactable via the Jazz Report Facebook Page.

Clever Dixie

This vibrant six-piece ensemble specialise in performing contemporary hits in a swing/jive style, with songs that will be recognisable by all. The members of the band have studied music extensively and are experienced musicians, coming together to form a band that can be hired for any occasion to provide a jazz and swinging twist on modern hits. You can check out the band’s full profile on the Clever Dixie page at Bands for Hire.

Close Enough for Jazz

With some of the finest UK musicians forming this fantastic jazz collective, Close Enough for Jazz are experienced in providing jazz and musical performances from a multitude of genres for weddings, corporate functions, or as the main entertainment/centrepiece for an event. The barebones line-up consists of guitar, bass, and drums but can be augmented to include keyboard, violin, and saxophone. You can check them and some samples of their performances out at Close Enough for Jazz Website

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